Ash Wednesday for the Common Man
February 10, 2016

You know that time of year when you have to give up sweets/coffee/alcohol, or when you HAVE to eat fish every Friday, or when you promise to quit cussing for 40 days, or the day after the big party on Fat Tuesday? There can be more to it...

Here's a really good description of Lent:

"Lent calls each of us to renew our ongoing commitment to the implications of the Resurrection in our own lives, here and now. But that demands both the healing of the soul and the honing of the soul, both penance and faith, both a purging of what is superfluous in our lives and the heightening, the intensifying, of what is meaningful."  - from "The Liturgical Year" by Joan Chittister

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have things that we could trim from and things we need to add to our lives. Drop a few pounds, change certain habits, eat better, exercise more, spend more time outside and less time inside on the web, spend more time with family or friends...

Lent is a great time to consider and act upon the changes we each need to make to become more alive.

And today is the day to begin!


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