Sabbath as Resistance

Sabbath as Resistance by Walter Brueggemann

Anxious because of the endless demands of economic reality? This economic reality, or market ideology, creates needs and desires that leave us restless, unfulfilled, inadequate, and in endless pursuit of something to fill us; wanting more, having more, owning more, using more, eating more, and drinking more.

economic reality - market ideology - commodity propelled society -  the way of mammon

It doesn't work.

We (my family, most of the people I know, and our culture in general) are frazzled, overworked, and nervous about something. God's gift, his answer to the rat race...Sabbath practice.

This little book is a great place to start.
Here are my highlights, underlines, and dog-ears:

pg. xiv - soccer practice as one of the "great seductions of Pharaoh," seductions that will take "great communal resolve" to overcome.
pg. 3 - the inexhaustible demands of Pharaoh, the production manager
pg. 12 - the choice of gods
pg. 13 - the commodity propelled society - the advertising game, the educational advantage, the supplementary extracurricular activity, the political effort, the expansive and aggressive military, the abuse of the land, the aggressive and violent past-times
pg. 16 - in this economic reality, neighbors are redefined as slaves, threats, rivals, competitors
pg. 28 - replacing anxious productivity with committed neighborliness
pg. 30 - a system of rest versus a system of anxiety

And then I stopped marking and taking notes because there are so many things, I will read this again, and then again. Outside of the Gospel of Christ, Sabbath might be the most relevant that the church has to offer today.


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