Resident Aliens

Resident Aliens by Stanley Hauerwas & William H. Willimon
Life in the Christian Colony

This is a very thought provoking book about the church regaining its sense of mission in a culture that desperately needs good news. Many highlights and things worth considering:
  • pg. 4 - they come out of the gate firing, "North America is a place where people have absorbed just enough Christianity to inoculate them against the contagion of the real thing."
  • pg. 26 - Harry Truman calling the first atomic bomb "the greatest thing in history" and our moral incapacitation.
  • pg. 28 - the challenge for a bold church, "each age must come, fresh and new, to the realization that God, not the nations, rule the world." The American church is too cooperative with the systems of power and the economy to come to this realization...
  • pg. 29 - the Fox Theater story
  • pg. 32 - very challenging ideas on democracy, individualism, and freedom as the tyranny of our own desires.
  • pg. 35 - liberal (not the current label) democracies using war for moral coherence.
  • pg. 42 - faith in the Omnipotent State, religion in the Empire
  • pg. 47 - in a time where the church is giving lip service to being like Christ, Christ-likeness, and/or following Jesus, we forget that "the Cross is a sign of what happens when one takes God's account of reality more seriously than Caesar's."
  • pg. 48 - a church that asserts that God rules the nations and he transcends boundaries.
  • pg. 62 - the church fights with weapons of witness and love not violence and coercion.
  • pg. 77 - church not as community for the sake of community but a community formed around the truth of who Jesus was and is. Continued thoughts on community on pg. 78
  • pg. 84 - the Sermon on the Mount as indicatives, promises, instances, imaginative examples of life in the Kingdom of God.
  • pg. 94 - the world needs the church but not the way we normally think...
  • pg. 123 - the pastor as a cult prostitute
  • pg. 125 - lonely leaders
  • pg. 128 - academic interpreters of Scripture and where it has led.
  • pg. 131 - materialism, self-deceit, and insecurity and security as the ultimate idol
  • pg. 138 - the church as another helping institution?
  • pg. 142 - the church lives in a buyer's market, the customer is king.
  • pg. 149 - the church suffering from suffocating niceness and domesticated metaphor.
  • pg. 161 - Academia not preparing pastors for the work of a pastor...
  • pg. 167 - power of the clergy lies not in cultural significance, but in the truth of Christ


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