The Three Hardest Words

The Three Hardest Words: In the World to Get Right by Leonard Sweet
From the back cover:
"Popular culture has ruined love's reputation by redefining it first as romance, and then as fully understand love, we also need to find out who we are in God's eyes and whom we are commanded to love."

Here are some provocative thoughts from the book:

pg. 49 - the verbs we use with "kingdom" and the verbs the Scriptures use with "kingdom." We use words like build, bring in, advance, establish, achieve. Scripture uses words like enter, find, cherish, given...see the difference?
pg. 77 - pop culture as the dominant authority figure for most of our "stories"
pg. 82 - BRILLIANT!!! "our first act of autonomy is to limit our autonomy."
pg. 83 - the USAmerican church has sold itself out to a culture of self-absorption and consumption. Period.
pg. 97 - the Jewish folk tale of the Pike
pg. 99 - "Salvation is basically the unleashing of the latent." Think about that for a minute or two and then think about what you believe about salvation. The book goes on to say, "salvation is not primarily about the afterlife or heaven, but about the integrity of our life in the here and now."


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