So Beautiful

So Beautiful by Leonard Sweet

Divine Design for Life and the Church

This is one of my favorite books about the church and mission! Here are some thoughts and highlights of the book:

pg. 52 - thoughts on the transforming (negatively) power of our current "celebrity culture" and the "cult of the individual." Our current celebrity culture and cult of the individual stands in stark contrast with the teachings of Jesus and what should be the characteristics of the church...

pg. 55 - mission as an attribute of God and finding His will for your life
pg. 72 - "if you aren't on a pilgrimage, you're a settler...", the modern church loves to settle but should always be on pilgrimage.
pg. 75 - the five characteristics of pilgrimage - forgiveness, healing, reminders, community of pilgrims, once-in-a-lifetime
pg. 123 - the inerrancy, the authority, and the living organism of scripture - how we use and understand scripture is vital!!!
pg. 135 - points, proofs, and propositions about God
pg. 151 - the great commission, as you go, and pulling people out of their contexts
pg. 153 - "Jesus was at home everywhere, but naturalized nowhere."
pg. 159 - the collision of Anglo and African culture and the Gospel
pg. 182 - not here to transform or reform a culture
pg. 187 - planting not harvesting...
pg. 201 - the church as translators between God and humans
pg. 206 - Wendell Berry and the miracle of turning water, soil, and sunlight into grapes
pg. 213 - dropping the language of likeness (Genesis 3)
pg. 225 - the difference of the incarnant
pg. 229 - the four dimensions of the incarnation


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