Kissing Kilimanjaro

Kissing Kilimanjaro by Daniel Dorr
Leaving It All on Top of Africa

This is a good story about a common man's adventure! The book describes the things that lead up to their decision, the preparation for the trip, their travels through Africa, the climb, the aftermath of the climb, and the rest of the story (I don't want to spoil it for you).

Before the trip, one of their friends told them that Kilimanjaro would be a life-changing experience and it was! I have found that trips and/or adventures that challenge your mind, soul, and body can be life-changing if you just gather up the courage to go. And this story proves that the common man can have great adventures and life-changing trips.

So this common man recommends this book, and recommends that when you finish reading it, go find an adventure of your own!


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