In Movement There is Peace

In Movement There is Peace by Elaine Orabona Foster and Joseph Wilbred Foster III

If walking the Camino de Santiago is on your bucket list or if you are interested in a pilgrimage, then this book should be on your reading list. It honestly tells about the struggles and blessings of such a trip...

I enjoyed reading this travel journal, and as suspected, it created an intense desire in me to walk the Camino. 

Towards the end of the book, Joe the co-author and husband of the other author, struggles with his desire to always be on the move, seeking the next adventure. He had bought into the half-truth of "it's not the destination, it's the journey." His epiphany on the trek was that he had been a wanderer in his life, adrift with no purpose and he discovered that life without purpose is worthless. 

It is the journey AND the destination, that is the WAY to peace. This is a summary of the book...

Chapter 42: The Trust of the Spaniards alone is worth the price of the book, great story. "El Camino le ofrece a todos." 

The Camino offers all...


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