A Third Testament

A Third Testament by Malcolm Muggeridge

I made a mistake when ordering this book, I wanted to read something of Muggeridge and this popped up first on the Amazon search. My mistake was ordering it without reading the preview, this is not a collection of Muggeridge's thoughts on his spiritual journey but rather brief biographies of seven of the most prolific Christian thinkers over the course of church history. 

Having said that, I loved this book! 

The seven pilgrims are St. Augustine, Blaise Pascal, William Blake, Soren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In this book, Muggeridge asserts that God placed each in critical points of history to preserve the church and to launch it into new ways of thinking and living. A Third Testament.

Here are my dog-ears, highlights, and thoughts:

Introduction, xvi - the computer as the graven image of the day. He wrote this idea in the 1980's, what would of think of today's dependence on the computer?

pg. 36 - Pascal quote - "Since men are unable to cure death, misery, ignorance, they imagine they can find happiness by not thinking about such things."

pg. 41 - Pascal's cul-de-sac of science, men grasping the extent and complexity of creation.

pg. 54 - a passion for goodness but hating morality, lovers of freedom hating laws, lovers of truth hating dogma.

pg. 123 - Tolstoy, in the eyes of civil authority a revolutionary; and in the eyes of ecclesiastical authorities a heretic. Like Jesus.

pg. 125 - Tolstoy felt as if he was ahead of his times, or just a person never satisfied.

pg. 136 - Tolstoy's desire for faith like the simple peasants that worked on his estate.

pg. 168 - Bonhoeffer as the only victor of World War II.

Afterword - "...God has an inner strategic purpose for his Creation, thereby enabling me to see through the Theater of the Absurd, which is what life seems to be, and into the Theater of the Fearful Symmetry, which is what it is. Thus reality sorts itself out, like film coming into sync, and everything that exists, from the tiniest atom to the illimitable universe in which our tiny earth revolves, everything that happens, from the most trivial event to the most seemingly momentous, makes one pattern, tells one story, is comprehended in one prayer: Thy will be done." -MM


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