The Fool's Progress

The Fool's Progress by Edward Abbey
An Honest Novel

As John Bunyan tells of a Christ-guided journey through the trials, troubles, detours and diversions of Pilgrim's Progress," so Edward Abbey tells the tale of a self-centered fool's journey through the trials, troubles, detours, and diversions of life.
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I liked the way Abbey told the story - one chapter of the antihero's (Henry Lightcap) current predicament followed by one chapter of his distant past. This pattern progressed until the present and the past join in the last two chapters.

What I didn't like about the book was the painful story of Henry Lightcap - a mostly self-inflicted folly. With each turn of the page I hoped that he would make a good decision. He didn't, except for his brief relationship with Claire.

Another thing I didn't about the book is that it reminded me of a fool I am intimately familiar with and some of "his" folly. It also reminded me of people that I have known whose lives have paralleled that of Lightcap and have paid (or are paying) the price.

There is a better way available to us all...


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