The Shadow Catcher

The Shadow Catcher by Hipolito Acosta
A U.S. Agent Infiltrates Mexico's Deadly Crime Cartels

There has been lots of talk about the Immigration Policies of the United States lately. Most of the talkreceive them all with open arms OR send them all back. I view this issue from a Kingdom of God with Christ as King worldview which causes me to reject both ends of the argument and seek a reasonable middle ground. I am also interested in hearing from those with much deeper experiences, which led me to this book.
comes from each end of the spectrum -

The author jumps into the problem of human smuggling on behalf of the U.S. He has a lot of zeal in pursuing and stopping those that treat humans as a mere commodity. In this pursuit he allows himself to become a human commodity. Because of his experience riding in the trunks of cars/backs of trailers/walking in the desert, he develops a compassion for the poor and downtrodden that are seeking a more hopeful life. Many of his stories are amazing and Acosta is to be commended for his courage.

Greedy Humans, Corruption, Apathy, Compassion

Because there are evil people in the world that are driven by greed, and because there are people in places of power that can AND will be bribed, and because there is much governmental and cultural apathy on this side of the border, AND because the human commodities that are being smuggled and treated inhumanely are NOT human commodities BUT men & women, boys & girls created in the image of God and are loved desperately by Him...this issue of immigration is a very complicated one. And will not be solved by people on each end of the political spectrum yelling at each other. Acosta makes this reality painfully clear in this book.


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