What We Talk About When We Talk About God

What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell

I have read all of Bell's books and have enjoyed and been challenged by each one in different ways. (not that I didn't benefit from that material, it was just not fresh for me).
My reading life has been in a bit of a dry season, so it was with great anticipation that I started this book. The first four chapters were a letdown for me, seemed mostly re-hashed material from "Everything is Spiritual" and previous work

Fortunately for me, chapter 5 follows chapter 4, and chapter 6 follows 5, as chapter 7 follows 6. These three chapters make the book, I loved reading this! My conclusion is that this is not his best work but it still has value:
  • for the post-modern seeker, makes a good effort at relieving the perceived tension between the material and spiritual.
  • from the Christian worldview, it is a perspective different than Christian fundamentalism, which seems to get most of the attention.
  • chapters 5 and 6 propose a compelling (compelling because it's more accurate???) theology for those that are haunted by, or have rejected the theology of their past.


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