The Sunset Limited

The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy
A Novel in Dramatic Form

McCarthy's books are always good for a diversion. The stories are generally filled with despair but are also very thought provoking. "The Sunset Limited" is no different. The reader eavesdrops on a conversation between two very different men, a black ex-con and a white professor. Everything about them is different, especially their worldviews and this discussion is a worldview discussion. What I like about this discussion is  there is no middle ground, no gray areas...just a choice between Black and White.

As a person of faith, I find myself most aligned with Black. He completely chose faith, even though at times it didn't make sense. This is one of our current problems in the faith world, we spend far too much time dabbling in the gray, trying to figure out the mysterious and trying to explain the things that are inexplicable to our mortal minds. Perhaps it is time for us (me) to just believe and follow. That simply. And maybe it is time for us to stop treating people like projects, another notch in the gun belt, another tally in the baptismal column, another soul saved...maybe it is time for us to start believing what we believe, start listening to our fellow humans, start sharing coffee and meals, and start sharing conversations about the journey of life.

Side note, this little book has been turned into a play and also a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones.


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