Friendship at the Margins

Friendship at the Margins by Christopher L. Heuertz & Christine D. Pohl
Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission

This is the fourth book of the seven set series that I have read. Each one has been a different theme but each a critical component of the idea of "reconciling all things" and all are good reminders that our faith is not passive.

Friendship at the Margins was a good read, it reminded me of the ministry that Dry Bones does in Denver and the work of Posada Guadalupe in San Antonio. It also reminded me that my most profound experiences have been with friends in the margins.

Here are the dog-ears, highlights, underlines, and asterisks:
  • pg. 53 - ponder this question, "If we were regularly reminded of the impact of our consumption patterns on the most vulnerable, would we change our practices?"
  • pg. 55 - a reminder about Isaiah 3.14-15, plundering the poor
  • pg. 58 - John Wesley's comments on social heartlessness, spiritual apathy, and greed


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