Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides
The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West

I try to read books such as this through the lens of the kingdom and mission of God (not that I am a master of that lens) and try to discern when the stories were in harmony or conflict with the kingdom. There are times when I am judgmental towards the characters but I often see some of my own successes and failures in their lives. Humility and honesty are required to benefit from the reading of history...

Like most books of history, this is a book of heroes and villains, and most the time they are the same person. Kit Carson, the main character, is both, though maybe the most noble of all. I don't' begrudge Carson and the other pseudo-heroes of this story for their actions. I am bothered when I read of the church, corporately or individually, locking arms with the people and systems that are in conflict with the kingdom of God. I believe the church should be a prophetic witness in the world, a group that speaks and acts out against the normal systems of greed, oppression, abuse, war, and power.


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