The Boy Kings of Texas

The Boy Kings of Texas by Domingo Martinez
A Memoir

A have very mixed emotions about this book...
  • Humor - there are several stories that are very funny.
  • Intrigue - it was interesting to get a "behind the curtains" look at a culture that is local and familiar to me.
  • Pain - nearly all people in our nation carry baggage from our upbringing into adulthood, this book dredged up some of my baggage.
  • Disgust - the dysfunction in our society, regardless of ethnicity/race, is a cancer on our society; we must learn how to outgrow this dysfunction.
  • Confidence - having experienced a "way" that is not too different than that of Martinez, I am convinced that the "way" of Jesus is the "way" of life!
What this book made me hope for is repentance. We cannot continue to do the same destructive things over and over. At some point in our lives, we must turn away from death and destruction and towards life.


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