Making Peace with the Land

Making Peace with the Land by Fred Bahnson & Norman Wirzba
God's Call to Reconcile with Creation

What a refreshing read after "The Worst Hard Times!" The Dust Bowl book was 300 pages of despair caused by poor farming, conversely this book is 173 pages of hope! There are people out there that understand the blessedness of creation care and to top it off, are committed to transferring this knowledge and practice around the world to food desperate places.
  • pg. 30 - economic systems that succeed by destroying the earth
  • pg. 45 - Type 2 diabetes for 1/3 of children born after 2000
  • pg. 73 - new creation means that we no longer engaged in tired, old, and broken ways
  • pg. 85 - the demonic as a close shadow of the good
  • pg. 101 - energy spent not on protesting but in providing better alternatives
  • pg. 123 - the Eucharist as a time to put to death all self-serving impulses
  • pg. 138 - ECHO!!! reconciling Christian ministry
  • pg. 141 - Moringo oleifera
  • pg. 152 - refusing to believe the myth of hunger


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