What Matters?

What Matters? by Wendell Berry
Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth

I have been in the mood to read lots of Wendell Berry lately, I suppose it is because of all the bad news regarding the state of the country, the economy, etc. Seems like normal stuff for a presidential election year. This voice of reason encourages me but also makes me wonder why it seems like no one is listening...

Here are my dog-ears, brackets, underlines and asterisks:

  • pg. 5 - the fantastical consumption-based economy
  • pg. 6 - "the gullibility of the public thus becomes an economic resource"
  • pg. 22 - the Amish as an alternative economy/community
  • pg. 57 - more Amish wisdom - "a good Amish farmer told me that he had learned from his father never to have a horse harnessed after supper. That amenity guaranteed enough rest and good health for the horses, and also some needed leisure for the family."
  • pg. 131 - William Blake's "Satanic Wheels" or "Mills" and Ezekiel 1.21
  • pg. 133 - our short-sighted "maximum profit, minimum responsibility" economy
  • pg. 134 - the inextricably joined parts of the Great Economy (kingdom of God)
  • pg. 136 - coheres and endures vs. disintegrates and destroys
  • pg. 144 - the ridiculousness of insurance because of the disintegration of community
  • pg. 146 - imported entertainment
  • pg. 151 - the new norm of kids leaving home
  • pg. 158 - manufactured waste, desecrating flags, and desecrating country
  • pg. 178 - the providence of supra-national corporations
  • pg. 192 - being an international good neighbor


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