The Didache

The Didache by Thomas O'Loughlin
A Window on the Earliest Christians

I had superficial familiarity with the Didache but was compelled to learn more after taking a course on the first five decades of the Church. This book was a good place to start.

The author does a good job of introducing the Didache, its discovery, its dating, and its importance in Christian history. After the introduction, he breaks down the Didache into six major sections:

  1. Choosing a way (life or death)
  2. Joining the group (baptism)
  3. Prayer and fasting
  4. Meeting and eating (communion)
  5. A network of service (structure)
  6. Fears and hope (end times, last things)

Here are the things of note:
  • pg. 11 - believer as joining a community vs. intellectual assent
  • pg. 23 - Good News in practice
  • pg. 100 - the incongruence of  "doctrinal musts" and historical facts - leading to "all or nothing" positions
  • pg. 104 - the meal that was meant to unite has become one of the main points of argument and division
  • pg. 105 - human communities need structure
  • pg. 139 - the trumpet call
  • pg. 145 - The Challenge of the Didache - great chapter, alone worth the cost of the book!
This book and the Didache (pgg. 161-171) itself would make an excellent small group study, or a guideline for discipling new believers.


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