How to Read Exodus

How to Read Exodus by Tremper Longman III

This is the second "How To" book of Longman's that I have read, the first being "How to Read Genesis." I really like the balance that he strikes in the authorship of the Torah. He doesn't insist on an exclusive Moses authorship and he is not a proponent of the Documentary Hypothesis. In the Genesis version and in this, the Exodus version, he establishes a reasonable middle ground.

There are two things that I learned from this book:

  1. The similarities of the birth of Moses and the Akkadian Sargon Birth Legend. He does a good job of not excusing away this similarity AND giving credibility to the Moses version. (pg. 54)
  2. I am familiar with the Laws of Hammurabi but was introduced to these ancient law codes - Law of Ur-Nammu, Lipit-Ishtar of Isin, and the Law of Eshunna. These codes of nearby civilizations probably had some influence on the Israelite law. 
This book also has some very good discussion questions at the end of each chapter.


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