The Gift of Good Land

The Gift of Good Land by Wendell Berry
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Like every Wendell Berry book I have read, this one is satisfying on one hand and disturbing on the other. Satisfying because his work creates a sense of goodness in the "Good Creation." And that is the disturbing part as well - disturbing because it creates a longing for a simple, agrarian life in me. The disturbance is compounded because we (our family) is within striking distance of making this happen, the only thing lacking is the courage to take the first step...thanks Mr. Berry for the discomfort! It is much easier to ride the tide of the culture.

  • pg. 127 - the reason for our wealth - "we have learned, and become willing, to market and use up in our own time the birthright and livelihood of posterity."
  • pg. 131 - four types of waste
  • pg. 240 - our problems will not be solved by technology alone
  • pg. 275 - right and wrong livelihoods weighed against "the earth is the LORD's and everything in it."


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