Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain by Edward Abbey

I came across this author in Wendell Berry's "What Are People For." Berry heralded Abbey as a great source of desert southwest fiction. This book and a few others were on my Amazon Wishlist. Then one Saturday at the Hondorosa, I saw a copy of "Fire On the Mountain." Mom had ordered it randomly to test out her online ordering through Amazon with the Kindle Fire. What a coincidence.

I enjoyed the story, mostly. I loved the tales of the ranch near Baker, New Mexico and I loved the interaction between the boy and his grandfather. There were two things though that I didn't like:

  1. I felt like the ending was less than I'd hoped for, perhaps because the author "painted himself in a corner" with the main character.
  2. The fact that our government can confiscate property for their purposes irks me to no end; my feelings about this are so strong that it tainted the story for me.
Overall, not a bad read and I will definitely check out a few more of Abbey's works.


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