Colossians Remixed

Colossians Remixed by Brian J. Walsh & Sylvia C. Keesmaat
Subverting the Empire

I have been doing an extended (and exclusive) study of the letter to the Colossians. The Colossian letter is going to be the foundation of the devotionals that I will be doing on the CHS Royal Caribbean Cruise in February. As I have been reading and digging in, I've been finding that there is depth to this little "four chapter book." It seems to me that the purpose of this letter was to be worldview shaking. Came across this book and found that the authors had the same perspective, it has been one of the best study resources I've used in a long time.

  • pg. 30 - the grand tale of progress is a myth - the story of progress proclaims that civilization will develop, peace will reign and we will enter a period of prosperity
  • pg. 42 - the covenant of peace mentioned in Ezekiel, the land is restored to fruitfulness
  • pg. 45 - the proclamation of Caesar - "fertile crops, revival of virtues and wiping away sins"
  • pg. 62 - mythology is about salvation, prosperity and peace; the "American Empire" finds salvation in economic progress and global control
  • pg. 84 - this letter is fundamentally about shaping the imagination of the Christian community
  • pg. 94 - Wendell Berry excerpt - "the church has, for the most part, stood silently by while a predatory economy has ravaged the world..."
  • pg. 95 - the split-vision worldview as a goal of the empire
  • pg. 99 - the worldview presented - who rules the world, where it came from and where it is going, where wisdom is found - an orientation for life!
  • pg. 101 - Colossians as "an integrated view of reality" or "a comprehensive vision of truth"
  • pg. 119 - the commitment to reason as the most insidious idolatry in church history
  • pg. 122 - the cultural movement of modernity (including Miroslav Volf excerpt)
  • pg. 123 - creation is an eloquent gift of extravagant love
  • pg. 125 - a listening epistemology - hearing the voices drowned out by the dominant paradigm
  • pg. 128 - praxis as the most important, it is what attracts people to a particular worldview
  • pg. 130 - truth, not as ideas and facts but embodied in a person
  • pg. 133 - the Bible as a six-act drama (NT Wright)
  • pg. 135 - critical criteria for a narrative text to have authority - stability and flexibility, fidelity and creativity, consistency and innovation
  • pg. 166 - Wal-Mart quote - "Our priorities are that we want to dominate North America first, then South America, and then Asia and then Europe."
  • pg. 170 - American culture is no longer created by the people...
  • pg. 172 - an alternative community - idolatry vs. the image of God; estranged way of thinking vs. a renewal of knowledge; divisiveness vs. Christ is all in all
  • pg. 175 - love holds the world together, Wendell Berry quote
  • pg. 176 - "dwell in the words of Christ so that the words of death don't destroy you"
  • pg. 189 - giving more away for someone's current need than investing in our own future
  • pg. 212 - present day slavery
  • pg. 216 - an alternative way to think about educating our children..."our children will not need to secede from the empire, because they were never captive to it."


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