They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky

They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky by Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng, Benjamin Ajak
The true story of three Lost Boys from Sudan

I bought this book at the Tattered Cover on the 16th Street Mall in Denver during our Elevations trip this summer; Chase Bruner and Lauryn Johnson saw it and grabbed it for me, knowing of my interest in the Lost Boys. I picked it off the shelf at home Sunday evening, September 4, 2011 and finished it Monday, September 5 in the afternoon. The only time I put it down was to sleep or take care of other necessities.

It is a brutal, amazing and inspiring story of war-torn southern Sudan and the boys whose lives were dramatically changed by the civil war. The horrors they survived are unimaginable for me.


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