Imagination in Place

Imagination in Place by Wendell Berry

A collection of essay that inspires us "to be native to our own culture."

  • pg. 50 - "The Traveler" by John Haines; footsteps of a man walking they are gone
  • pg. 59 - conversations with Hayden Carruth re: belonging to a place, loving neighbors, etc.
  • pg. 105 - Milton's "Paradise Lost" as instructive, dissident and disruptive
  • pg. 135 - Kathleen Raines "Garden Simurgh" (too good not to leave here)
"these two-a-farthing sparrows
each feather wearing the carelessly-worn signature
of the universe that has brought them to the Lord's table
with such delight, never doubting their welcome."
  • pg. 183 - the cocksureness of fundamentalism vs. the not-knowing of faith
  • pg. 183 - the irreducibility of God
  • pg. 186 - the mind of fundamentalism


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