A Generous Orthodoxy

A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian D. McLaren
Why I am a....

This book wins the award for being in my possession the longest without being read; I've had it for a long time, and though I like reading McLaren's stuff, I have to take breaks between readings and process. Having read most of his newer stuff, I didn't really find anything new...I did appreciate his assertion that all Christian tradition have contributed to our current state (good or bad) and that we need to appreciate and learn from the good of all as we emerge into the church of the future.

  • pg. 152 -  the paradox of systematic theology
  • pg. 179 - insight on consumerism
  • pg. 185 - fighting the symptoms
  • pg. 192 - "getting it right" vs. "being and doing good"
  • pg. 204 - living the meaning of your baptism
  • pg. 220 - discipleship of the early Methodists
  • pg. 223 - components of our faith must lead to good
  • pg. 270 - the Spanish explorer Pizarro


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