Sun of Righteousness, ARISE!

Sun of Righteousness, ARISE! by Jurgen Moltmann
God's Future for Humanity and the Earth

Rob Bell is not the first, or only Christian teacher to assert that God's plan is bigger than our finite minds can grasp...CS Lewis, NT Wright and Jurgen Moltmann to name a few from our times.

  • pg. 69 - the church as a peace-conferring and uniting community of the creator and redeemer of all things. "Christianity is designed to be the healing beginning of the healed creation in the midst of a disrupted and sick world."
  • pg. 93 - WH Vanstone poem:
Here is God, no monarch he,
thron'd in easy state to reign.
Here is God, whose arms of love
aching, spent, the world sustain.
  • pg. 162 - the community above the individual
  • pg. 178 - face to face
  • pg. 191 - exercising dominion over creation, not by domination and exploitation, but by understanding
  • pg. 195 - two books - nature and Holy Scripture
  • pg. 219 - not competition and struggle that drives human evolution but mutual recognition and cooperation


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