The Great Omission

The Great Omission by Dallas Willard
Reclaiming Jesus' Essential Teachings on Discipleship

During the last several years of doing church work I've noticed that most American Christians spend their faith lives "playing in the wading pool" when there is a big, wild ocean to explore...this book caught my eye a few years ago, finally read it and it is brilliant.

  • pg. 52 - replacing obedience to Christ with Christian Consumerism
  • pg. 62 - the contrast of a whole new life vs. just having sins forgiven
  • pg. 69 - the product of a preaching/teaching/information gathering system
  • pg. 110 - having the right profession of faith leads to Christians that do not differ, except in ritual, from non-believers
  • pg. 110 - the human soul hungers for transformation, for wholeness and holiness
  • pg. 113 - the exclusiveness of Christian spirituality
  • pg. 150 - grace, passivity, activity
  • pg. 153 - solitude and silence as means of grace
  • pg. 228 - Tertullian and the call to sustained apprenticeship


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