Universal Salvation? The Current Debate

Universal Salvation? The Current Debate by Robin A. Parry & Christopher H. Partridge

Much of this book was way too deep for me, and perhaps we could spend our time in different ways than arguing over semantics. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book for the following reasons, 1) it was a very civil debate (a rarity among Christians) on a contentious topic, and 2) there are many sincere people out there that share similar thoughts on the afterlife and the here-and-now...though I'm not a universalist, the book helped me process some thoughts.
  • pg. 7 - the inconsistent set of propositions
  • pg. 9 - scripture that supports each of the propositions
  • pg. 47 - kolasis (inflicted in the interest of the sufferer) vs. timoria (in the interest of him who inflicts it)
  • pg. 120 - thoughts on C.S. Lewis' "The Great Divorce"
  • pg. 207 - why questioning the traditional view of hell is considered bad
  • pg. 244 - the cross, judgment, and mercy
  • pg. 266 - www.tentmaker.org


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