The Gifts of the Jews

The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill
How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels

I wasn't sure what I thought about this book for the first seventy five pages or so...the author has some ideas that really challenged what I have believed. After that we met in the middle as I became more comfortable about what he believes about scripture. There is still a significant gap in some areas though. Overall I enjoyed the book. By the way, I bought this book at Half-Priced Books and it appears the previous owner (perhaps more conservative that I). His notes, underlinings and dog-ears end at page 41, right before the Sumerian/Ishtar/Sex worship ritual description...I think he may have put it done never to be picked up again...
  • pg. 93 - brief description of how YHWH is different from the gods of the era
  • pg. 214 - description of Amos the Prophet and God acting with justice
  • pg. 250 - nice thought on faith
  • pg. 252 - ending with justice and treatment of others


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