The Bible and Other Faiths

The Bible and Other Faiths by Ida Glaser
Christian Responsibility in a World of Religions

I've ignored this book on my bookshelf for about 3 years and wished I would have read it long ago. It is such a reasonable response to the questions of religious division, Christian mission and loving our neighbor and enemies. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have gleaned much useful information from it. Dog-ears:
  • pg. 14 - living Micah 6.8 in front of people of other faiths
  • pg. 17 - Karl Barth's assertion that Christianity is unbelief
  • pg. 45 - hermeneutical approach - auther-centered, text-centered, reader-centered
  • pg. 72 - God's relationships with people outside of Abraham's family
  • pg. 78 - an effort at defining "Yahweh"
  • pg. 95 - "ger" (aliens, foreigners, sojourners) treated in faith community
  • pg. 158 - Acts increasing interaction with political forces
  • pg. 203 - the strangeness of Christianity


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