The Liturgical Year

The Liturgical Year by Joan Chittister
The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life

Another book from the Ancient Practices Series; this was a little more difficult to read for me but probably provided the best template for sustained spiritual growth. Perhaps because I've been reading the Mosaic Liturgy Bible for my devotionals. I wish, as protestants, we would use these resources from the Roman and Orthodox churches more...if so, maybe we could attain more unity and continuity of our traditions; just a thought...

Here are some dog-ears and quotes from the book:
  • pg. 4 - life to fullness, heart to alert, soul to focus
  • pg. 6 - tuning the Christian life to the life of Jesus
  • pg. 21 - spiritual program that anesthetizes the soul to everything but the self
  • pg. 23 - a beacon to others of the presence of God
  • pg. 41 - "over the years we melt into what we seek"
  • pg. 71 - about joy
  • pg. 76 - a brief history of the Christmas holiday
  • pg. 100 - God not a magic act or vending machine
  • pg. 133 - about change
  • pg. 165 - religion celebrates what the rest of the world forgets
  • pg. 179 - why engage in the rhythm of the liturgy?
  • pg. 194 - what kind of model or hero are you?


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