Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ

Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ by Richard Ross

Another youth ministry book by a guy that concludes the same thing as me...we are aiming at the wrong targets in youth ministry; because of this we wind up using the wrong methods...

These chapters are worth the price of the book:

Chapter 1 - Can You Imagine?
Chapter 2 - The Crisis in Youth Ministry
Chapter 3 - The Supremacy of Christ
Chapter 4 - Students and Awakenings
Chapter 5 - A New Paradigm for Student Ministry

The author sometimes rambles in the remainder of the chapters but they're still worth reading because occasionally there are words of wisdom hidden within. Here are my dog-ears:

pg. 31 - YM quote from David Kinnaman
pg. 89 - comparisons of different types of Bible study as they relate to discipleship
pg. 101 - coaching through clarifying truths
pg. 135 - student led discipling process
pg. 137 to 144 - spiritual markers and developmental stages
pg. 175 - church mimicking culture
pg. 185 - students connected to adults submitted to the supremacy of Christ


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