Middle School Ministry

Middle School Ministry by Mark Oestreicher & Scott Rubin
a comprehensive guide to working with early adolescents

Chapters (and notes):

1. Middle School Ministry? Isn't It Just Baby-Sitting?

2. It's All About Change

3. Walking Hormones (Physical and Sexual Development)

4. Mind Warp (Cognitive Development)

5. Roller-Coaster Freak Show (Emotional Development)

6. Best Friends Forever (Relational Change)

7. I Can Do It, Just Don't Leave Me (Independence)

pg. 127 - deep transformation in four contexts

pg. 130 - the K-8 Shift (brilliant, innovative)

8. Operating System Upgrade (Spiritual Development)

pg. 142 - exercising the speculation muscles

pg. 146 - how to deal with doubts

9. White-Hot Temporary (Early Adolescent Culture)

pg. 157 - worldview-shaping technologies

pg. 159 - changing the paradigm in YM

pg. 163 - treating young teens as consumers (in church)

10. The Overlapping Transition (grace-filled tour guides)

11. See Jane Face New Issues

12. First Things First (Remembering What It Was Like)

pg. 202 - volunteer training exercise (questionnaire)

13. Dude! What's Up? (Building Relationships with Middle Schoolers)

pg. 214 - conversation starting questions

14. You Can't Always Wing It (A Few Thoughts About Ministry Structure)

pg. 233 - establishing ministry values

pg. 237 - some suggestions in getting this ^^^ done

15. Get Small (Small Groups)

16. Hitting the Bull's Eye (Effective and Creative Teaching)

17. Do or Die (Building A Team)

pg. 300 - equipping essentials

18. From Enemy to Advocate (Working With Parents)

pg. 315 - partnering with parents tips

19. A Few Hard Truths...Or Why So Few Stay In Middle School Ministry

pg. 331 - measuring sticks for middle school ministry

20. The Very Bestest of the Best Volunteers

pg. 343 - volunteers making an impact in kids lives


Q&A with Marko and Scott

pg. 358 - integrating middle schoolers into the church family

78 Random Ministry Ideas


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