Eat This Book

Eat This Book by Eugene H. Peterson
a conversation in the art of spiritual reading

This is the third book of this series that I've read and it did not disappoint. Dog-ears and highlights:

  • pg. 15 - we are formed by the Holy Spirit AND Holy Scriptures
  • pg. 28 - three ways to depersonalize the text (and on pg. 29)
  • pg. 67 - the backwardness of reading to get God into our lives
  • pg. 67 - cobbling the texts together to prove a point
  • pg. 109 - the story of manna
  • pg. 116 - a very good paragraph on the Lectio Divina
  • pg. 137 - Chapter 9 - The Message - I thought this was going to be an advertisement for Peterson's paraphrase; I was wrong - this was my favorite chapter in the book. I loved the history of Oxyrhynchus and Ugarit and how they have opened doors for scripture reading and understanding.
  • pg. 160 - Scripture presented in practical, everyday language but standing in contrast to the culture in which it lives...


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