Kingdom Education

Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz
God's Plan for Educating Future Generations

This was required reading for the last school year, I just finished it...

    • pg. 19 - education can't transform life
    • pg. 21 - scriptural references to education
    • pg. 23 - the kingdom of God is the reign of God through Jesus Christ in the lives of persons as evidenced by God's activity in, through, and around them.
    • pg. 39 - quote about purpose
    • pg. 91 - the great commission statements
    • pg. 100 - church activities only use a small portion of the week
    • pg. 110 - CF Potter quote on education and humanism

There are some good thoughts in this book...the church (and particularly youth ministry and parents) have been deceived in two ways:

  1. if we create power packed programs, they will make an impact in two hours that will propel them through the mess of the other 166 hours of the week.
  2. that we need to put our kids into public schools so they will be "salt & light", more often than not, the "s&l" kids are the ones being influenced than vice versa


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