The Sacred Meal

The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher
The Ancient Practices Series

Another good book from this series. The author is quite liberal in her Christology but makes some good points. Here are the dog-ears and notes:

  • pg. 15 - "communion is meant to move us from one place to another."
  • pg. 16 - nice paragraph on "institutional perpetuation"
  • pg. 20 - Walter Brueggemann quote on compassion
  • pg. 21 - a continuation of the Brueggeman thought
  • pg. 22 - "Jesus doesn't call us to live in a soft cocoon, distracted and undisturbed, allowing others to pay the cost of our comfort."
  • pg. 41 - productivity vs. doing nothing
  • pg. 58 - connecting spiritual highs to everyday life
  • pg. 62 - her weak Christology makes its first appearance

An interesting idea from the book: "an experience of the infinite during a practice"

This book has created in me a desire to read more about this sacrament...


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