The Feast

The Feast by Joshua Graves
How to Serve Jesus in a Famished World

A book similar to stuff written by Shane Claiborne and Rob Bell, the first of its type from within the Church of Christ tradition. Dog-ears and notes:

  • pg. 42 - who is Jesus? potential answers from the american middle class
  • pg. 47 - annie dillard quote - "it is madness to wear ladies' straw hats and velvet hats to church; we should all be wearing crash helmets."
  • pg. 73 - "participating members" thought
  • pg. 74 - ann lamott quote - "you know you've created God in your own image when God hates all the same people you do."
  • pg. 77 - the practice of confession
  • pg. 118 - "it's not our party"
  • pg. 141 - Willow Creek's findings
  • pg. 145 - the author's spiritual disciplines - sabbath, exercise, reading, giving, solidarity with the poor, and confession

Nothing extraordinarily new in this book, but very good and relevant repeat of things that need to be said in the american church. it is good to hear coming from CoC circles.

There is also a very good study guide in the back of the book, might use this for our summer small group sessions...


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