Sabbath by Dan B. Allender
from "The Ancient Practices Series"

This is the fourth book from this series that I've read...they have all been good and this one didn't disappoint. In fact, it may be my favorite thusfar. We (21st American Society) need to make an honest evaluation of our suicidal pace of life and the Sabbath is a perfect place to start!

Here are my dog-ears and markings from the book:
  • pg. 15 - questions for the beginning of the "Sabbath review" process
  • pg. 18 - "We are driven, exhausted and depleted. We were created for the refreshing and replenishing gift of the Sabbath. And we don't do so to our peril."
  • pg. 28 - "God didn't rest in the sense of taking a nap or chilling out; instead, God celebrated and delighted in His creation."
  • pg. 61 - turning our homes into "places of anticipation"
  • pg. 65 - communion with God, others, and creation
  • pg. 102 - our enemy - create diversion, bait arrogant hope and scatter order with division
  • pg. 105 - THIS IS GOOD: "The structure of accusation and contempt and the binding cobelligerants together on the basis of gossip and acrimony is how we keep denominations, tribal alliances, and political parties together."
  • pg. 110 - NOW FOR THE RESPONSE: "a Sabbath of peace gives no time to any division, accusation, or dark loyalty to one side versus another, nor to look into any abyss between the divided sides. Sabbath is a day that celebrates the one and true day of reconcilliation."
  • pg. 113 - seeing with Sabbath eyes
  • pg. 128 - the practice of writing or calling people that have influenced life
  • pg. 139 - cynicism, conventionalism, and consumerism
  • pg. 164 - Sabbath silence
  • pg. 182 - this is an apt definition - "the Sabbath is intended to save us from forgetting our pasts or ignoring our futures. The past is our exodus escape from Egypt; the future is the coming kingdom that has already arrived in Christ Jesus."
  • pg. 185 - a day to renounce all activity that impoverishes, enslaves, or demeans others.
  • pg. 193 - A Sanctuary in Time Summary

Practicing Eternity!!!


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