Fearless by Max Lucado

I woke up on Saturday morning, February 20, feeling compelled to read this book. I've had many things weighing on my mind lately; I woke up and my mind went to this book. So I read it in a couple of days. Max is a masterful author and this book gave me courage to look at things from a different (and healthier) perspective. And here are my dog-ears, highlights and notes:

  • pg. 10 - what happens when fear shapes our lives...
  • pg. 35 - mismanaged fear leads to sin...
  • pg. 51 - seek first the kingdom of ...
  • pg. 60 - parenting by prayer
  • pg. 99 - story of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I'm satisfied with the time I spent with this book, it hit the spot. Now better equipped to work through some issues at church, school, and future.


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