Jesus Among Other Gods

Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias

I've had this book on the shelf for a long time, just never felt compelled to move it to the top of the stack...that all changed with a discussion with some students a few weeks ago about God's desire "for all to come to repentance", heaven & hell, who's in and who's out, etc. There is some fairly intense interest in these topics, perhaps due to the exposure kids have to other cultures and world religions. In the era that I grew up in, world religions were the Baptists across the street or the Holy Rollers on the outskirts of town. The discussion was good and hopefully the students were moved to think about what they believe and why. On to the book...

Things of note:
  • pg. 38 - Larry King and the virgin birth; points at the very least to a world unbound by sheer naturalism.
  • pg. 40 - the unblemished life of Jesus vs. the recorded struggles of Mohammed, Buddha and Krishna
  • pg. 43 - quotable - "All of the privileges of birth and possession become destructive when they are unhinged from our Creator's moorings."
  • pg. 45 - quotable 2 - "The primary purpose of the home is to reflect and to distribute the love of Christ."
  • pg. 50 - testing the claims of Christ with the same standard that we test and measure other things.
  • pg. 91 - a very good definition of worship

This books presents the case for Christ in a good way but I wished the author would have gone deeper with the comparisons against other world religions. It is useful for shoring up the beliefs of someone that is already a believer but I'm not sure that a non-believer would be compelled to change.


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