Think Orange

Think Orange by Reggie Joiner
Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide

pg. 47 - great question - "what would happen if parents began to see the family in the same way believers should view the church, as a human part of God's design to demonstrate who He is to the world?

pg. 48 - good thoughts on equipping parents (and not burdening them with a list of things to do)

pg. 65 - The Essence of Family; Create A Rhythm

pg. 85 - the 3000/40 principle

pg. 89 - what's the problem? churches trying to assume the parents' responsibility or that parents stop assuming responsibility because the church makes them feel like they should be doing it.

pg. 90 - partnering with parents - 1. give them a plan, 2. show them how it works, 3. tell them what to do today

pg. 91 - is it possible to create an expectation that is so lofty and unattainable that they walk away discouraged? perhaps we have...

pg. 94 - reasons why parents don't do well with partnering with the church

pg. 138 - consistently create an environment that reminds them about God's story

pg. 142 - know the different environments of your students

pg. 166 - levels of partnership with parents

pg. 172 - creating a plan that will help family ministry

pg. 179 - questions that help us understand our context

pg. 195 - continuity of volunteers

pg. 197 - the Amish element! - the importance of creating and engaging in community

pg. 211 - the importance of equipping students for ministry

This is a good book, it provides a ton of practical resources for developing intergenerational ministry...when the workbook comes out, I'll propose that we go through it together as a team.


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