Presence-Centered Youth Ministry

Presence-Centered Youth Ministry by Mike King

pg. 25 - "the notion of youth workers as entertainers and program directors must give way to youth workers as authentic shepherds, spiritual guides with a holy anointing to lead youth into the presence of God."

pg. 76 - a very relevant question - "how can we be effective as a pastor to youth unless we minister to youth out of the outflow of a life with God?"

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recommended books: The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle

pg. 142 - the Bible as sacred text - "the narrative of God working among his people and explain to them that they are a continuation of the story of God."

pg. 155 - on establishing a "Rule of Life", Values - Stability, Fidelity, Simplicity, Community,Proximity, and Learning

This is the book that best parallels my thoughts on Youth Ministry - the problems and a potential direction.


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