In Constant Prayer

In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson
from the Ancient Practices Series

A few years ago (maybe 3) I decided that our faith (at least in the circles that I run in - middle to upper middle class, mostly caucasian, Bible-Belters) is generally shallow. And what we needed was to spend more than 2 (up to 4 for some of us!) of our 168 hours of week pursuing God. Then I read "Finding Our Way Again" by Brian McClaren and knew there was something to I'm reading the rest of the series. In Constant Prayer is the first.

I've never been a real disciplined pray-er, so I secretly hoped this book would inspire me to a new level of prayer life. Maybe so. Here are some notes:

pg. 53 - the me generation
pg. 56 - the me generation and worship
pg. 75 - chapter 6 - The Real Currency of Our Age - brilliant chapter! (we plan and prioritize every thing in our lives except spiritual growth - we expect quick fixes for those)
pg. 79 - the wonder and mystery of prayer
pg. 91 - chapter 7 - Lost Between the Daily and the Divine (making room)

I tried the prayers of the Daily Office (liturgy of hours, fixed-hour prayers, divine office, canonical hours, divine prayers, daily prayers) and it was good. Coming from a less (as in none) liturgical tradition, I was a little uncomfortable with the scripted prayers, so I legalistically added my own twist to each...but I did get into the rhythm and it was good. By the way, liked the book. Will start reading "Sabbath" soon.


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