Forgotten God

"reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit" by Francis Chan

Nice follow-up to Crazy Love, Chan's first book. Not at study of the Holy Spirit but more a series of questions asking why we (western church) have left the Holy Spirit out of the journey and the potential if we were to invite the Spirit back in. I enjoyed the biographies at the end of each chapter (there are people that are living supernaturally). Here are a few notes from the book.

pg. 97 - the biography of Esther Ahn Kim (World War II prisoner of war)

pg. 106 - A Real Relationship - why does this not happen?
  • Comfort (maybe your life is too safe)
  • Volume (maybe your life is too loud)

pg. 115 - the biography of Thomas and Jen Yun (chef that works in the soup kitchen)

pg. 152 - story of former gang member who joined church, then left because church wasn't family enough (compared to his former gang)

pg. 163 - high school girl that sponors 14 needy children


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