Following Jesus

"Biblical Reflections on Discipleship" by N.T. Wright

"The longer you look at Jesus," writes N.T. Wright, "the more you will want to serve him in his world. That is, of course, if it's the real Jesus you're looking at."

Part One - Looking to Jesus

A look at the real Jesus as revealed in the books of Hebrews (sacrifice), Colossians (battle won), Matthew (kingdom), John (glory), Mark (servant) and Revelation (world reborn).

Part Two - A Living Sacrifice

Trusting "the God who raises the dead, letting this renew our minds or change our paradigm, and a challenging view on temptation, hell, heaven and the New Life and New World.

This is a good, quick read...some chapters are sermons that Wright taught in the 1990's. Part One of the book, "Looking to Jesus" provides a very good, summary view of the biblical texts. Special note on chapter four - "The Glory of God: John" is very good.


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