Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places
by Eugene Peterson

"Spiritual Theology is the attention we give to the details of living life on this way. It is a protest against theology depersonalized into information about God; it is a protest against theology functionalized into a program of strategic planning for God."

pg 3 - It is the task of the Christian community to give witness and guidance in the living of life in a culture that is relentless in reducing, constricting, and enervating this life.

Christ plays in creation * Christ plays in history * Christ plays in community

getting into the kingdom of God * living under the rule of God * participating in the reality of God

Christ Plays in Creation
pg 65 - the creation gift of time - the most conspicuous evidences of this desecration are hurry and procrastination.
pg 117 - sabbath - all our ancestors agree without silence and stillness there is no spirituality, no God-attentive, God-responsive life. Sabbath instructed Christians can begin by re-imagining, restructuring, and restoring the Lord's Day as a day that cultivates not-doing, not-saying - freeing up people around us to do nothing on the Lord's Day.

Christ Plays in History
pg 141 - Intimidation - by the powerful, settling for domestic coziness
pg 143 - following Jesus into the mess of history
pg 196 - deny yourself and take up your cross
pg 199 - Spiritual Theology is the discipline and art of training us into a full and mature participation in Jesus' story while at the same time preventing us from taking over the story.
pg 203 - the Eucharist

Christ Plays in Community
pg 241 - sectarianism (through pg 242)
pg 244 - sectarianism feeds our narcissism?
pg 288 - "If we, as the continuing company of Jesus, seem to have achieved an easy accommodation with our society and culture, how did we pull off what Jesus and the community of Jesus failed to accomplish?"
pg 299 - anger, arrogance, violence, manipulation - the way of current Jesus community but not the way of Jesus
pg 305 - nice theology
pg 312 - Christian community - works in progress (also on pg 315 re: dealing with sin)
pg 323 - importance of the incarnation
pg 326 - good description of the Christian community and our participation in God's mission


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